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Jessica Alba saving Halsey Just ultra-sensitive pregnancy skin

- Saturday, February 27, 2021. to read...

Halsey Just Thanked Jessica Alba for Saving Her Ultra-Sensitive Pregnancy Skin

Halsey Just Thanked Jessica Alba for Saving Her Ultra-Sensitive Pregnancy Skin

Halsey's love of beauty products is well documented through her knack for doing her own makeup for appearances and photoshoots. That's all the easier now with her newly launched makeup line, About-Face, but one thing Halsey says isn't going so smoothly is her pregnancy skin. Yet thanks to Jessica Alba, she says that's finally started to shift. 

In an Instagram story the singer posted Tuesday night, Halsey shouted out Alba's Honest Beauty products as the only ones that have been able to get a handle on her skin. 

She wrote: "Thank you @honest_beauty @jessicaalba for saving my pregnant skin. Not an ad, just seriously the first thing I've tried that's gentle enough for my face rn." 

The products in question are Honest Beauty's Gentle Gel Cleanser, Hydrogel Cream, and Beauty Sleep Resurfacing Serum. Halsey has good taste: At under $30 each, the trio has won thousands of five-star Amazon ratings from those suffering through finicky skin and in search of calming, cruelty-free products.  

Most potent in the regimen Halsey posted is Honest Beauty's Beauty Sleep Resurfacing Serum, a vegan, organic mix of five exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid for a balancing dash of moisture. The serum comes with remarkable praise for something so affordable, with shoppers drawing comparisons to $90 products and writing that they're left with even, soft, and line-free skin after a couple of days.

Honest Beauty Beauty Sleep Resurfacing Serum

It's so revolutionary that some say their "dark, dark circles" and crow's feet visibly diminished, cuing up endless compliments and family, friends, and co-workers asking if they got a skin tuck or Botox. Those in the post-pregnancy retinol-free zone say it's a lifesaver, too. "I'm breastfeeding my son so I can't use any retinoids. My skin was looking so dull," one shopper explains. "I've used this for a few weeks now and my skin is so smooth. It greatly changed the texture and my skin looks a lot more vibrant. I feel more confident now!"

Others likewise call the cleanser the best face wash they've ever tried, noting that the $13 formula is ultra-gentle and great for dry, sensitive skin. People report being "shocked" at how effectively it tames itchy and blotchy patches, naming it their holy grail after years of searching for something that takes off makeup, hydrates, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And like Halsey, an Amazon shopper writes that it managed to clear up their pregnancy breakouts without overdrying. 

Honest Beauty Gentle Gel Cleanser

The Hydrogel cream also wins fans for its sensory satisfaction, a silky, fluffy, and rich formula that shoppers say their skin drinks in (it's so good, one person's husband gets in on the experience, calling it his "nightly facial"). The "magical" formula makes skin glow with seeming youth thanks to the complete absence of irritants and deployment of wrinkle-plumping, gentle emollients like squalane and glycerin. 

In the words of one reviewer, "after a month of using this every night, my skin is hydrated and honestly, it looks younger." No easy feat, especially after welcoming a new baby — but if anyone can nail down products that work, it's celebrity moms. 

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